Feldenkrais Group Lessons in English in Prague!

Come and join me in the wonderful, newly added space at the Studio Cere in Prague for Feldenkrais group lessons in English. With a view on the river! 

Do words like back pain, stiff neck, lack of energy, chronic pain, stress sound familiar to you? Are you uncertain of what you can do about it?

Try the Feldenkrais Method. The beginning is easy: „Lie down on your mat!“ You will experience an hour of gentle, explorative movements, at your own pace. No competition, no judgement, only yourself on a journey through and with your body. Try it! Every Tuesday at 18:15 at the Studio Cere in Prague 4.

In group lessons, you receive instructions verbally. So no one demonstrates the exercises. On the contrary, it is important not to repeat the exercises mechanically, but to feel how you do the movement, what parts of the body are involved, whether the movement is smooth and easy. You are looking for what you can change so that you don’t strain yourself unnecessarily. You are guided to which parts of yourself you can turn your attention. So it’s not about exercising or stretching your muscles, but exploring, through conscious movement and attention, how your body can organize itself more efficiently

You’ll be surprised how small and slow movements can make such a big difference. You will learn new things about yourself. And this is the first step to a better life.